Setting Up Trackable Links for Email Campaigns

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Guru allows your team to easily access information in your workflow, and with content ROI you can track when your prospects are engaging with your assets on Guru. Including tracked links in your outreach campaigns allows you to know not just when your message is opened but also if the prospect clicked on the asset you included.

How to Enable Trackable Links for an Email Campaign

  1. Navigate to the Card that contains the link you would like to send.

  2. Click the envelope symbol.

  3. Select 'Create a Generic Template' and then click 'Copy to Clipboard'.

  1. Paste the content in your email campaign set up. You can edit the content, but the link(s) should remain intact.

  2. Adjust the parameters included to ensure that they align with the fields you have set up in your campaign system. For example, replace with customer email should be adjusted to reflect your current replace with customer email language.{{REPLACE_WITH_CUSTOMER_EMAIL}}&rep={{REPLACE_WITH_REP_EMAIL}}

  3. Put your campaign live and receive a Slack message or email whenever a prospect clicks!

  • Ensure that you have Slack notifications in Guru turned on by typing 'enable notifications' in your DM with @Guru

  • Learn how to send links to indvidual prospects and utilize the rep analytics dashboard here.

Campaign System Specifics