Okta SSO for Guru

Roles: Admins


Optimize Single Sign On (SSO) for your team's Guru account with Okta

Step-by-step instructions for setting up Okta and Guru

  1. Log into Okta and click on the Admin button in the upper right hand corner.

  2. In the menu, click on Applications then click on Add Application

  1. Search for "guru" and click Add next to the Guru logo.

image (1).png

  1. In General Settings the Application Label should read "Guru", select Done.

  2. You'll be brought to a Settings overview page. Click the Sign On tab and then click the View Setup Instructions button.

  3. These instructions will walk you through what values to copy and paste from Okta into Guru on your Guru SSO Integrations page.

  4. After completing the steps inside Guru, navigate back to Okta. Select the push permissions (circled below) that you want turned on. We recommend turning all of these on to automatically push changes to Guru.


  1. In Okta, close the setup instructions and click on the Assignments tabs and assign People and/or Groups to have access to the Guru application.

image (2).png

  1. Finally, return to your Dashboard and click on the Guru icon to login to Guru.

NOTE: Once you've flipped the switch and SSO is enabled, non-Admin users on your team will no longer be able to log in natively with email/password or Google auth.

FAQs about Okta

  • Will I have to still invite people in Guru? Once a user signs in via Okta, an account will be created for them. So, if you've given them access to Guru on their Okta page, they can join your team!

  • How does group provisioning and Collection access work? You can set up users who log into Guru through Okta to join one default Group in Guru. (NOTE: All new and current users are automatically included in the "All Members" group.) From there, you or another Admin can add them to other Groups in order for them to have the appropriate Collection access.

If you'd like to set up SCIM for auto provisioning in Okta, read more here.

Want to learn more? Start a free trial or contact us at support@getguru.com. You can also chat with our support team by selecting Contact Us from the right sidebar of your main Dashboard, or selecting Chat with us! under your avatar in the Web App or extension.