July 2018 Release Note

What’s new in Guru...

Published: July 10, 2018

Verification Updates

In addition to our binary trust update (referenced in our June 2018 Release Note ), we have made a couple more enhancements to our verification workflow:

  • Request Verification - If a Card is Untrusted, any Author can now click on the Verification Status icon and select "Request Verification", which will send the Verifier an additional notification saying you have requested they verify the Card.

  • Unverify this Card - If a Card is Trusted but you question its accuracy or want to flag it, click on the Verification Status icon and select "Unverify this Card". This will classify the Card as Untrusted and send a notification to the Verifier. To give the Verifier additional context about why you've unverified the Card, comment on the Card and @mention anyone else involved.

  • Save or Save & Verify

    • Untrusted Card - After editing, Guru now provides you the option to Save the changes to the Card without verifying it so it remains in your task queue. You can also select Save & Verify, which will save the changes and change the Card's status to Trusted.

    • Trusted Card - After editing, you will have the option to Save to maintain the verification interval to it's existing cycle OR re-set the interval cycle to the date of re-verifying by selecting Save and Verify.

    • The table below breaks down what actions a user can take based on their role and the Card's trust status:


Web App & Extension UI Enhancements

Guru will be making iterative improvements to our Web App over the course of the next few months. Here are a few of the updates we've just released:

  • Navigation Bar (Web App Only) - The navigation bar has shifted from the left side of your Guru Web App to the top of your screen.

  • Team Settings (Web App Only) - Admin functions such as "Users & Collections" management, "Tags", "Integrations" and "Billing" are now accessible from your Avatar in the upper-right hand corner of the Web App.

  • Overall Styling - beautifying Guru with new colors, fonts and icons, such as the "Create new Card" and "Ask an expert on your Team" icons.