Preferences: Definitions

Roles: Read Only, Authors, Admins

You can adjust your Preferences of viewing reminders and suggestions to your liking. Below are definitions and uses for each Preference option. To access your Preferences, navigate to Settings by clicking on your avatar and select 'Preferences'.

Show Suggestion Notifications

This is a Gmail-specific flag where we suggest cards for you based on the content of the email you have open.

When you open an email in Gmail and there are content matches, you will see a green window pop up in the bottom right corner of your screen that says "Guru has x suggestions", which you can click on to reveal the suggested Cards. This works similarly to the search algorithm. The primary use case for this would be to prompt your team to respond to emails in a consistent manner, for which you would create Cards detailing those responses.

Show Content Clipper

Content Clipper is another Gmail feature that allows you to highlight text and search Guru for that text or add a Card based on that content. When I highlighted something from your email, this window pops up (screenshot below). The plus sign indicates 'Add a Card' and the magnifying glass will search your Guru account for that phrase. This is a great way to add or evaluate content in Guru from the information you're receiving via email.

Inline image 1

Show Fact Preview

With this enabled, you will see a preview of each Card in the browser extension when you mouse over its title. Here's an example from my Guru account, the Card title being 'Sales & Success Weekly Meetings' and the Card preview opening when I hover my mouse over it. The preview will disappear when I mouse away from the title.

Inline image 2

Show Pinning Confirmation

When attempting to push situational knowledge, reminders, or how-to's to your team by pinning a Card to a specific URL, a blue screen will appear in which you must confirm that you'd like to pin the Card. You can select the box 'Don't show me this again' if you'd prefer not to confirm the action for each pinned Card.

Inline image 3

Show Question Confirmation

This is a helper dialogue that appears in front of questions when you ask them, also in the form of a blue screen, to remind you of how Q&A works. You may disable this by selecting 'Don't show me this again'.

Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 2.22.37 PM.png