Formatting Card Content

Roles: Authors

Our improved editor allows you to better format your content, so your team can more easily identify and digest key points. The editor is also responsive to Markdown for easy publishing. Check out the Help Guide for more tips and tricks to help you create beautiful Cards!

How to Format Cards

  • The tool bar at the top of the Card allows you to edit your text format, insert rich media, or undo/redo an action. You can also click the ? to pop out a Help Guide in the side of your editor.

  • The Text Format options include heading size, lists, bullet points, block quotes, and code blocks. Click on the formatting scheme that you want before entering your text in the editor, or highlight the desired text area after you’ve written it to change the text’s format.

  • The Insert function allows you to insert an image, video, iframe, table, file, link, Guru card, divider, or Markdown.

    • Images and Files: add images and files by selecting the image/file to upload from your computer, or dragging and dropping it into the gray box. (You can also simply copy and paste the image/file into the editor.)

    • Videos and iFrames: add a video by simply entering the video’s URL and clicking the blue checkmark.(i.e. from YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, etc.) iFrames work the same way, by inputting the iFrame's URL and checking the blue checkmark.

    • Table: add a table by clicking the Table icon in the top toolbar. You can easily add or remove columns or rows with a single click, copy & paste your tables and sheets from Google docs, Excel, etc., export as a .csv or .xslx.

    • Hyperlink: add a hyperlink by simply entering the URL and clicking the blue checkmark. You can also highlight the text you want to hyperlink and click the link icon in the popover menu.

    • Guru Card Link: insert a Guru Card by clicking the Guru icon in the toolbar, and then searching for and selecting the Card you’d like to link to.

Other Ways to Access Your Formatting Options:

  • Sidebar Menu: Click the +on the left side of the text (click the X to close it)

  • Slash Command: Type a /forward slash on a new line and begin typing the name of the option to filter the list (i.e. “image”)

  • Popover Menu: Highlight any text for quick access to font styling options (bold, italics, text colors, highlight, and strikethrough), code snippets, hyperlinks, and more.

  • Use Keyboard Shortcuts: The editor supports simple formatting via keyboard commands (i.e. shortcuts). For example, with command + b, command + i, command + k, you can easily bold, italicize, and hyperlink (respectively).