August 2017 Release Note

What has been released....

Guru now includes:

  • Related Cards highlight additional Cards that your team has viewed within a given time-frame from the Card you're accessing

  • User export so you can easily audit the users on your team.

  • Card access/file sharing settings of Cards have been refined to clarify and simplify how you share a Card or share an uploaded file link on a Card

  • Updates to Notifications will now denote if the task is required of a Group or an individual user

Related Cards

Related Cards are now displayed within a Card and are based on the activity that your teammates are taking within Guru. The links are based on users that had viewed the Card currently opened and what other Cards they accessed within a specified period of time. More information on our Related Cards feature can be found here.

User Export

You can now export a list of your entire Guru team to easily audit all of the users utilizing Guru, as well as any users who have not yet accepted their invites. The user export includes users': name, email, Groups of which the user is a part, and status (active or pending). All of this information helps you quickly sort your users so that you can reach out to them directly. Learn how to export your users here.

Simpler Share Settings

The Card and file sharing settings screen has been updated to better explain what each setting means and how to share uploaded files with external users (prospects and customers). Full definitions for each setting can be found here.

Group Notifications

Previously, notifications did not differentiate tasks asked of one user or an entire Group. With Guru's most recent updates, notifications (via email or Slack) indicate that the request was made of a Group and provide the particular Group asked so users can more easily identify their role in verifying/answering.

Please reach out with any questions or feedback you have by clicking 'Contact Us' in the settings menu (your avatar) of the Guru Extension!

Released: 7/2017 & 8/2017