June 2017 Release Note

What has been released...

UI Enhancements

Guru looks different; we updated the web app to improve your experience! To help you navigate the new UI we've detailed the changes below:


  • The left navigation bar has been condensed to allow for your knowledge to take up more of the screen.

  • Boards has been renamed Knowledge to better represent what it contains: your Collections, Boards, as well as Cards. The icon has also been updated and is now a Book.

  • To reflect known icons, the notifications icon has been changed to @.

  • When clicking Knowledge, Collections are represented in columns (dependent on the width of the page), so you can more easily access your content.

Knowledge View

  • Breadcrumbs display in the header on the top of the page to allow you to know where you are within your knowledge base; they can be clicked to simplify your navigation.


  • Board and Card counts now appear on Collections, so you can determine the amount of content in each Collection.


  • Board Groups now have a stacked display in comparison to the previous line at the top to better communicate that there are Boards within the Board Group.

  • Board Groups in the list view can be collapsed for faster navigation via the list view.

  • When in a Board the Card you're viewing appears bolded and with an arrow, so you can easily see where you are within the Board.

  • The option to copy a Board link is now next to the Board title, this can be utilized to post a Board link in Slack or send it to a teammate if you'd like them to review an entire Board.

  • For quick movement, navigating Cards within a Board can be done using the up and down arrows on your keyboard.

  • If the full screen view is preferable, clicking the eye icon allows you to open the full Card.

  • To ensure a unified appearance across Guru when looking at a Card in the Board view it now includes Tags, the Collection, and the Content Performance icon (if applicable).

Editing and Creating


  • A link to the Team Screen has been added to the top of the Collections view within Knowledge, so you can easily create and edit Collections.

Boards Creation

  • Board Creation Help Article

  • For faster creation, clicking 'Create a New Board in this Collection' triggers a dialog to open, where you can add the new Board's title and description (now optional).

  • Following the creation of your Board you can choose to create another Board if you're quickly setting up your structure, go into the Board if you'd like to immediately add content, or return to the Collection.

  • New Boards can now be added when in a Board Group, no need to navigate into the main Boards view.

  • New Boards created are added to the end of the existing Boards/Board Groups.

Boards Editing

  • Editing Boards Help Article

  • Adding Cards to a Board Help Article

  • Deleting Boards, Sections, and Collections Help Article

  • Just as you would on a Card, you now edit a Board by clicking the pencil next to the Title.

  • Moving a Board to another Collection is now within the edit Board view and represented by this icon:

  • To reduce accidental deletions 'Delete Board' is now only available on the edit screen and it is represented by a trash can next to the Move Collection icon. As a reminder, deleted Boards cannot be recovered.

  • For easier organization when creating new content, new Cards created on the Board are added below the existing Cards on the Board.

  • Selecting 'Add Existing Cards' brings in the search mode so you can find, select, and drag Cards onto the Board. Clicking the X or clicking 'Add Existing Cards' again removes the search view and takes you back to the full Cards Board edit screen.

  • When in edit mode the existing Cards on the Board display across the entire screen, to provide a better experience when arranging content.

  • From the edit view you can select 'Exit Editing' and 'Save Changes'. 'Exit Editing' takes you out of the edit view and back into the Board view (ensure you save any changes before exiting) and 'Save Changes' saves any edits you've made to the Board.


  • Team and User Analytics Help Article

  • Guru has updated the analytics portal (Pro-Edition teams) to now include filtering by Groups so you can easily determine which Groups of users are utilizing Guru and coming soon...your team's adoption percentage!

Released: 6/2/2017

Items in Design but not Released

  • The Notificatons badge will remain a dot and not a number.

  • When creating and editing an individual Card, you will be able to create a new Board.

  • When creating a new Card or Section on a Board, the Card or Section will be added to the bottom of the Board.