File Sharing: Definition (Access Control: Private, Team and Public Hosted Content)

Roles: Authors

Sharing allows you to determine who can access the files on a Card. Depending on the setting you choose you can share files with customers, solely those on your Guru team, or privately with explicit individuals on your team.

Visibility: Definitions

The sharing status, with the exception of private, only applies to hosted file not the Card itself!

  • Public: Files on this Card can be accessed by anyone with the link. The Card itself can only be accessed by an authenticated member of your team, but if the file links are sent to a customer or prospect they will be able to access them.
  • Team: The content, including files, can only be accessed by your team of authenticated Guru users.
  • Private: The Card is only visible to you and those who you choose to share it with. This can be helpful if you are developing content or have content that you don't want other members of your team to see.