Searching Guru in Slack

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Slack and Guru are better together; you can bring Guru's knowledge into real time Slack conversations with your team. Learn how to search your Guru account while in Slack to post new knowledge, answer questions, and drive adoption for your team.

How to Search Guru in Slack

There are three easy ways to search Guru in Slack.

method #1: In the Guru App for Slack

  • In your DM with @Guru in Slack, type your search terms and press enter

  • Click the 👍 to post the Card to your DM or click Expand to view content within the Card before posting.

  • If these Cards don't have the content you're searching for, click Next

case study.png

Method #2: Slash Command

  • Type /guru followed by your search term in any Slack channel.

    • For example, /guru case study. You can perform this action in either you DM with the Guru App for Slack or in a specific Slack channel.

  • In a channel, these search results are only visible to you until you choose Post this to Channel.

  • This search can be performed in any channel.

Method #3: @Mention

  • @mention guru in a Slack channel and then type your search term

  • The search results will appear in a thread beneath your @ mention.

  • These search results will only display Cards where "All Members" have access

NOTE: The Guru App for Slack must be a member of the Slack Channel in order to perform a search using this method.