Adding Users to Groups

Roles: Admins

Users in Guru live in Groups, which enable access to content and control permissions. Subject matter experts in the appropriate Group and Collection will be able to answer any questions asked of their Group, verify Cards their Group is responsible for, and receive notifications when the Group is @mentioned. Reps will be able to more easily choose the right experts since they won't have to worry about selecting an individual and instead can select the Group. Additionally, they will receive notifications when their Group is @mentioned to alert them of new knowledge or important changes.

How to Add a User to a Group

  1. Navigate to the "Users & Collections" page within the Avatar on the upper-right hand corner of the Web App.

  2. Find the user you would like to add to a Group. You can search for a user in the search bar to the right.

  3. Click the settings gear next to their name and select 'Manage Groups'. When determining which Groups a user should be in, it's important to consider the Role and content access you would like them to have, Roles and Collections are conferred at the Group level. For example, a Marketing Manager would be in the Marketing Experts Group as this would give them access to the Marketing Collection and the Author role in that Collection, this reflects their responsibilities in the company.

  4. Type the name of a Group you would like to add the user to and press enter to add them. Users can be in as many Groups as you would like, so you can continue adding them to Groups as needed! Click the 'x' on the Group to remove the user from that Group.