Commenting on Cards

Roles: Read Only, Authors, Collection Owners, Admins

Commenting on Cards allows you to alert your team of new knowledge in Guru, ask an expert a clarifying question, or remind someone that content needs to be updated.

How to Comment on Cards

  1. Open up a Card.

  2. Click the Comments section on the top middle of the Card.

  3. Add your comment by pressing enter. To ensure your team gets an alert about the comment, @mention them. You can @mention individual team members, Groups, or your entire team.

    1. TIP: Individual team members and Groups must be a part of the Collection the Card is in to be @mentioned. If you @mention your entire team, it will notify every team member with access to the Card of your comment.

  4. Edit or delete your comment by placing your cursor over the comment, click the three dots that appear, and select Edit or Delete. If editing your comment, press enter to save your changes.

    1. NOTE: Only the writer of a comment or a Guru Admin can delete it.

  5. Once you've added a comment, anyone you've @mentioned will receive an email or Slack notification with your comment as well as the Card you referenced. You will be notified of any additional comments on the Card.