Editing Boards and making Sections

Roles: Authors

Refine the structure of your knowledge in Guru by editing Boards.

How to Edit Boards

  1. In the web app (app.getguru.com), select 'Knowledge' from the top navigation bar and choose the Collection in which the Board you want to edit exists.

  2. Select the Board you would like to edit.

  3. If the Board you would like to edit is in a Board Group, first select the Board Group, and then find and click the appropriate Board.

  4. Click the ellipsis (three dots) to the right of the Board's name to change the name or description of the Board/Board Group.


Adding Cards or Sections to a Board

  1. Click Add a Card or Section to to view options. Click Card or Section under Add New to create a net new Card or Section on the Board.


  1. To add Cards that already exist to that Board, select Add existing Cards. In the modal, search for the Card(s) you want to add and drag them over to the list.

  2. Drag the Cards and Sections to change the order of Cards on the Board. This can be especially helpful when onboarding new employees because you can order the content as you would like them to go through it.

How to Make Sections

  1. Sections allow you to visually divide content on a Board. After clicking Add a Card or Section under the Board title, select Section.

  2. Enter a name for the Section and press enter (or the check mark).

  3. Add Cards to the section by dragging Cards on the Board into it, or clicking the ellipsis, then Card in Section under Add new. The dropdown also gives other options to to further edit the Section: