Inviting Users

Roles: Admins

Inviting new users to your team allows them to access your knowledge in Guru, putting them on the same page as the rest of the team and enabling them to efficiently perform their functions.

How to Invite a New User

  1. Navigate to the Team screen. You can access it by going to
  2. Click the 'Invite New Members' button.
  3. Add the email(s) of the person(s) you want to add to your team. You can add multiple people at once if you separate the email addresses with commas.
  4. Select the Group to which you would like the user(s) added. User roles and the Collections they have access to are determined by Collection at the Group level. For the full description of the roles a user can have read our Roles Guide.
  5. Click 'Send'. That's it, you've now invited users to your Guru team!