How to embed an iFrame from Google Slides

Roles: Authors, Collection Owners

  1. Click 'File' and then 'Publish to the Web.' Make sure that you uncheck 'Require users to sign-in with their account" if it is selected. NOTE: Publishing to Web will not surface your document in any search results in the web since the doc is being published to a private site - Guru.

  2. Click 'Embed'. Copy the entire Embed field.

  3. In the Guru Card, click the "Markdown" icon (box with a pen) in the editing bar.

  4. Paste the copied 'Embed' code into the Markdown box

  5. Paste that directly into a new line on a Guru card. The presentation will appear.

  6. Drag the shaded bar at the bottom of the card to adjust its size.