January 2019 Release Note

What’s new in Guru...

Published: January 25, 2019

Knowledge Triggers

Empower your team by surfacing situational knowledge in-context, on any webpage you're working on. Knowledge Triggers allows you to map Cards to specific fields or text on any webpage, automatically surfacing the right knowledge based on specific scenarios. When a user is on a page with a suggestion, they'll see a badge on the corner of the Guru extension. After Clicking to open Guru will surface all of the suggested Cards, and tell the user why they are appearing. They can then use this information to better assist their customers and prospects, or improve workflow efficiency.


Google Drive Sync

Instantly sync content from Google Drive into Guru, making your team's assets that live in Drive readily available across all your applications through the Guru browser extension and Slack Integration.
With Google Drive Sync, content is synced into Guru at the folder level. All Synced Assets are linked to and iframed within a Card, so your customer-facing teams can see what they're sending before sharing it with a customer. Teams can share these synced assets with Content Performance to track how they influence opportunities.

Google Drive sync.png

AI Suggest Expert

Knowledge is only as good as the expertise behind it. With AI Suggest Expert, Guru automatically identifies the exact subject matter expert to field a question or to verify knowledge accuracy.
For large enterprises and fast growing organizations, it’s challenging to know who the experts are in certain areas. AI Suggest addresses that problem by leveraging historical data to understand the expertise of your organization — ensuring your knowledge is always accurate, up-to-date, and trusted.

In creating a Card or changing a Verifier for a Card, AI Suggest Expert will scan the content of the Card and recommend individuals and groups in Guru to be the Verifier and "owner" of the Card, all based off of similar content that these individuals or groups verify in Guru.


Slack notifications time preferences

Get Guru notifications according to your preferred work schedule.
Set up your Guru Slack notifications to alert you on your schedule, whatever that may be. Simply type edit notifications in your chat with the Guru Slack integration and select the schedule that works for you

slack time preferences.png