May 2019 - Guru's Web Application UI Update

Spring Release 2019

Based on consistent customer requests and insights, we have been working diligently to improve the overall experience of finding and consuming knowledge in Guru’s web application. We are excited to finally unveil the redesigned Knowledge page. Read below for more details on the:

  • Collection Highlights Page

  • Board Navigation Updates

  • Expand and Collapse Board Sections

  • Quick Switch between Collections

NOTE: Teams CANNOT revert back to the web application's older user interface. Please reach out to our Customer Experience team with any questions or feedback via Chat with Us! in your Settings or via

Collection Highlights Page

The NEW Collection Highlights page displays statistics about the Collection, a leaderboard of Top Authors, as well as easy navigation to important Cards. The Collection’s knowledge breakdown (Board Groups and Boards) is listed on the left.

  1. To navigate to the Collection Highlights page from your main Dashboard, first click Knowledge to view your Collections.

  2. Clicking into a Collection will bring you to a new Collection Highlights page.

Board Navigation Updates

Selecting a Board in the left-most column shows the list of Cards within that Board to the right. You can search for a Card or scroll to find the Card you want to view.

If there are any Cards in a Collection not assigned to at least one Board, Authors will now be able to find them in one place from the new “Cards Not on a Board” Board at the bottom of the Board list.

Need to move a Card to another Board?

Simply drag and drop the Card Title onto the Board title that you want it on. This removes the Card from the first Board and adds it to the second one.
NOTE: You cannot drag Cards into the Cards Not on a Board Board, but you can drag Cards out of it.

If you have Author access to this Collection, you can take further actions from the ellipsis next to each Card title, including creating new Cards above or below the selected Card. This allows you to designate the sequence of Cards on the Board as you create them.

Expand and Collapse Board Sections

As you move down the Board, you may want to collapse a Section. You can now collapse Sections by clicking the down arrow to the left of the Section name.

You can also now take actions on Sections after clicking the ellipsis next to any Section title.

Quick Switch between Collections

To navigate to another Collection, click the word Collection in the top left corner, which will bring you to the new Collection Switcher.

TIP: You can also type Command + K to open the Collection Switcher via your keyboard.