Choosing a Verifier and Verification Interval

Roles: Read Only, Authors, Collection Owners, Admins

Verification ensures that your Guru content is up to date. ⚡️

Guru's verification engine allows you to ensure your team feels confident to leverage the content on Cards. When saving a Card, you will be asked to select the verifier and verification timeline.

See verification in action here 🎬:

Selecting the Verifier for a Card

It's important to choose the subject matter expert or group of experts who have the best knowledge of the Card's topic as the Card's verifier.

  • The default Verifier is you (the Author)

  • Subject Matter Expert: If you're creating content on the API, the lead back-end engineer could be selected as the Verifier.

  • Group of Experts: If the engineering leadership managed the API and all Guru engineering Cards, it would be helpful to choose the Engineering Experts Group when asking an engineering question or creating an engineering Card.

  • NOTE: Any user or user group who has Author access to the Card can be chosen as the Verifier


Creating a Card but not sure who should be the Verifier? Using our AI Expert feature, Guru will offer suggestions based on other Verifiers in the Collection assigned for similar Cards.

Selecting the Verification Interval for a Card

The verification Interval determines how frequently a Verifier is asked to update a Card. This timeline can vary greatly based on the type of content in the Card and how often it needs to be updated, but it's important to ensure that the timeline you select reflects your team's internal processes.

  • The default Verification interval is 90 days (3 months).

  • Project Cadence: if you update your roadmap every three months, the roadmap Card's verification interval should be every three months. Choosing this interval guarantees that when you update your roadmap, Guru will remind you to update the Card to reflect the freshest content.

  • Evergreen Content: If you're creating a Card with content that doesn't ever change, set the max timeline, every year, that way you will only need to verify it on an annual basis.


We recommend that teams average a trust score of at least 80%. Selecting an appropriate Verifier and Verification Interval is essential to maintaining a high trust score, and thus ensuring that your team trusts the content in Guru and does not fall back on old habits, such as shoulder-tapping.

Read more about understanding and improving your trust score here.

Changing the Verifier or Verification Interval for a Card

For Individual Cards:

To change the Verifier or Verification Interval on a specific Card, you can do so directly on the Card.

  1. Search for the Card you wish to modify in the Guru web app ( or Guru extension.

  2. Open the Card and click the green (trusted) or red (untrusted) "check-box" icon on the Card.

  3. Click on the dropdown for Verifier or Verification Interval and make the desired changes.

  4. Voila! You have now modified this Card to reflect your verification preferences.


To change a Verifier or Verification Timeline on a Card, you must have Author access for the Collection where the Card lives.

For Multiple Cards:

To change the Verifier or Verification Interval for multiple Card, the easiest way to do so is through Card Manager.

  1. Navigate to Card Manager in the Guru web app (

  2. Use the filters on the right-hand side to surface the Card you wish to change.

  3. Select the check-boxes next to the Cards your wish to alter or select the top check-box to perform an action on all Cards that were surfaced using your filter(s).

  4. Click the Change Verifier or Change Interval bulk action(s) in the navigation bar.


  1. Done! The Cards you have selected have been modified in Guru.


Authors can change the Verifier, modify the Verification interval or perform other bulk actions on one Card, multiple or ALL Cards they have access to in your Guru instance through Card Manager.

Learn more about bulk actions in Card Manager, here.

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