Giving a User Author Permissions

Roles: Admin

Want to give a Guru user the ability to create, edit, and verify Cards? Looking to enable users to create Contexts and utilize Analytics? They will need Author permissions, which are granted at the Group level.

How to give a user Author Permissions

Before you grant a user Author permissions for a particular Collection, you'll need to confirm which Groups have Author access in that Collection.

  1. In the Guru web app, navigate to your avatar and click Users & Collections. Then click the 'Collections' tab.

  2. Check which Groups have Author access to the Collection you have in mind.

In this example, the Design Group has Author access to the Collection, and you would want to add the user to the Design Group in order to become an Author in this Collection.

  1. Click the 'Groups' tab at the top of the Team screen.

  2. On this screen, click the Group with Author access and begin typing the user's name into the text box. Select the appropriate name and choose 'Add To Group'.

  3. The user should now be able to create, edit, and verify Cards in that Collection, as well as set up Knowledge Triggers and view Analytics!

  • For more on how Groups can be utilized, click here.