May 2020 Release Notes

What’s new in Guru…

Published: 6/16/2020

Introducing Guru Academy 📚

You got Guru, but do you get Guru? We've got you covered. Whether you are just getting started or looking to become an expert on your team, we have a program designed to help you utilize all that Guru has to offer.

  • Specialized Courses. Regardless of how you use Guru we have something for you. Courses are based on user role: Admin, Collection Owner/Author, and Read-Only.

  • Flexible Format. Each of our courses is broken down into easily digestible modules, and your progressive is saved so you can learn on your own time!

  • Ready to get started? Access Guru Academy here. 🎒

Interactive Email Notifications 📨

Guru is designed to "live where you work" and that includes your email. We've made it easy to interact with Guru without ever leaving your inbox.

  • Weekly Verification Digest Emails: You can now expand to see card content AND verify the card from the email.

  • Comment Emails: You can now expand to see card content AND input a reply comment from the email thread.

Updated Billing Page 🚀

We are constantly looking for ways to improve the entire Guru experience. Our new billing page makes it easy for customers to see their plan and billing information in one place, and make adjustments on their own as needed.

  • See Total Users (including Active, Pending, and Total Seats).

  • Toggle between Monthly and Annual Billing.

  • Edit payment information.

  • Easily Chat with Guru!