Does Guru allow for Card Templates or Drafts?

Roles: Author

While we do not have an explicit feature to support drafts or templates of Cards, we recommend the creation of Card templates as follows: 

  1. Create your template card and title it with the specific Template designation, for example: "Competitive Battlecard Template" or "Troubleshooting Guide Template" or "Design Feedback Email Template"

  2. Tag the Card with #template to assist with your expert's search

  3. Add this "Template" Card to the Board in which you will be creating more Cards of this type. Ideally place the Template Card at the top of the Board for easy access.

  4. Your team of experts can now copy the Template Card and paste it into the Card editor when creating a new Card.

Want this template Card to be PRIVATE? Select Private as the Share option in the Card's settings---read more about private Cards here. (Note: Private Cards CANNOT be added to a Board.)

NOTE: If your browser crashed in the middle of editing a Card, you can find Recovered Cards in the "Recovered" tab of Card Manager. This is where drafts are saved if your editing was interrupted.

Wish Guru had this feature?
If you'd like to see it implemented in the future, please reach out to us at with more information about your use case. We will use your feedback to better guide our product development!