Freshworks: AI Suggest, Knowledge Triggers

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Guru's AI Suggest integration with Freshdesk and Freshchat proactively surfaces contextually relevant Guru knowledge to your team so they can respond faster and with more confidence. Additionally, Knowledge Triggers within Freshdesk and Freshchat can contextually coach your team based on the scenario they are encountering.

  1. AI Suggest for Freshdesk and Freshchat - Guru will dynamically suggest the relevant content for your Support Agents, whether they are responding to emails in Freshdesk or chatting live with your customers in Freshchat. For a more detailed description of AI Suggest and instructions to enable within your Freshdesk account, learn more about AI Suggest and set up AI Suggest.

  2. Knowledge Triggers - Guru can be configured to suggest specific knowledge to your team based on content or fields within Freshdesk. For managers, Knowledge Triggers allows you to easily coach your team with information pertinent to their job. No more searching. Guru surfaces knowledge when and where your team needs it.. Access the following Help Center Article to set up Knowledge Triggers within Freshdesk.

NOTE: Our Freshdesk integration is currently only supported in our Chrome extension, however we have plans to bring it to our Firefox extension soon! Let us know if you're interested in using Freshdesk + Firefox at

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