Freshdesk Integration: AI Suggest + Knowledge Triggers

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While the Guru Extension offers you the ability to surface your organizational knowledge as an overlay to Freshdesk, Guru additionally offers more tightly coupled integrations with Freshdesk and Freshchat.

Please review our Guru-powered integration options to empower your Support Agents:

  1. AI Suggest for Freshdesk and Freshchat - Guru will dynamically suggest the relevant content for your Support Agents, whether they are responding to emails in Freshdesk or chatting live with your customers in Freshchat. For a more detailed description of AI Suggest and instructions to enable within your Freshdesk account, please access the following Help Center Article.

  2. Knowledge Triggers - Knowledge Triggers allows you to contextually coach your team, within any Freshworks product. Access the following Help Center Article to set up Knowledge Triggers within Freshdesk.

Are you an existing customer looking for assistance with your Freshdesk integration or have a specific question? If so, please "Chat with us!" from the Guru settings menu or email us at

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