Kustomer: Knowledge Sync, AI Suggest, Knowledge Triggers

Roles: Read Only, Author, Admin


Guru's Kustomer integration enables users to sync & unify their Kustomer knowledge base articles with Guru. Additionally Guru's AI Suggest capabilities in Kustomer can proactively surface relevant knowledge to agents so they can respond faster and with more confidence

  1. Kustomer Knowledge Sync - Using Knowledge Sync, users will have the ability to synchronize their external Kustomer knowledge base articles into Guru, allowing support agents to quickly access their internal knowledge without leaving their Kustomer email or live chat conversations. (setup instructions here)

  2. AI Suggest for Kustomer - Guru will dynamically suggest helpful content for your support agents while answering customer inquiries in Kustomer. For a more detailed description of AI Suggest and instructions to enable within your Kustomer account Learn more about AI Suggest & setup AI Suggest

  3. Knowledge Triggers - Guru can be configured to suggest specific knowledge to your team based on content or fields within Kustomer. For managers, Knowledge Triggers allows you to easily coach your team with information pertinent to their job. No more searching. Guru surfaces knowledge when and where your team needs it.. Access the following Help Center Article to set up Knowledge Triggers within Kustomer.

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