Confluence: Knowledge Sync

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Unify fragmented & siloed knowledge. Easily sync assets from Confluence and empower your team with a unified Guru knowledge base.

Our Confluence Sync feature is a part of our Knowledge Sync offerings. Learn more about Guru's Knowledge Sync feature here.

Setup Confluence Knowledge Sync:

Syncing a Confluence Space to Guru allows your team to view Confluence pages as Cards, along with the rest of your Guru knowledge. Read more about syncing content from external sources ​here.

  1. In Guru's Web App, click your Avatar on the top-right and select Team Settings from the drop-down options

  2. Select the Knowledge Sync tab in the left sidebar

  3. Select Sync a New Collection and then select Confluence Cloud

  4. Enter your Confluence domain and the Space abbreviation (to find this in Confluence, navigate to 'Space Details' and click 'Key')

    1. NOTE: Guru's Confluence Sync brings in entire Spaces from Confluence.

  5. Now, you'll need to obtain your API token from Confluence, which you can do following these instructions.

    1. On this site, click Create API Token and enter a name (ex. Guru Content Sync)

  6. Copy the API Token and navigate back to the Integrations page in Guru to paste it.

    1. TIP: You may want to store your Confluence API token elsewhere in case you need to reference it in the future.

  7. Back on the Guru Integrations page, enter the email address you used to generate the Confluence API token in the User Email field.


  1. Enter a name for your new Guru Collection (ex. Confluence Content) and select a color.

  2. Click Create to initiate the sync. This process may take up to 24 hours.

  3. Click back to the Knowledge tab to see your new Collection of Confluence-synced Cards.

Want to learn more? Start a free trial or contact us at You can also chat with our support team by selecting Contact Us from the right sidebar of your main Dashboard, or selecting Chat with us! under your avatar in the Web App or extension.