Managing your Guru notifications in Slack

Roles: Members, Authors, Admins

By default, Guru notifications are sent via email. If your team Admin has installed the Guru App for Slack, you have the option to receive Guru notifications in Slack instead of email. If you enable your Guru notifications in Slack, you will no longer receive notifications via email. We cannot support notifications to both Slack and a user's email at this time.

How to Enable/Disable Guru Notifications in Slack

  1. From within Slack type help in your direct message with @guru

  2. Click "Enable" or type enable notification and press enter to receive notifications about questions, comments, etc through Slack rather than email. With notifications enabled, you can Verify Cards, Answer Questions, and Reply to Comments right from within Slack.


  1. To revert your notifications to email vs. Slack type disable notifications

Default Verification Notification Schedule

  • Verification notifications go out on Slack every morning at 7:45am EST.

  • Verification notifications go out via email every morning at 6:45am EST.

Users receiving notifications via email will not receive a notification email more frequently than once every 5 days.

Changing Slack Notification Schedule

  1. To edit when you receive your Slack notifications, type edit notifications in your direct message with with the Guru App for Slack.

  2. Select the days of the week in which you would like to receive notifications. Options include Daily, Weekly, Weekdays only, three times a week, or twice a week.

  3. Select the time of day in which you would like to receive notifications.

  4. Click Save to update!

Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 3.24.35 PM.png

How to Unsubscribe from Guru Notifications

  1. Open an email notification from Guru

  2. Select Click Here at the very bottom of the email in the gray box.

Note: This will stop Guru from sending you potentially important notifications regarding interactions in Guru, including comments from your team and verification of content.