December 2020: Guru's App for Slack Updates

Role: Admins

In December 2020, Guru is making updates to our App for Slack which requires teams to re-authenticate the Guru and Slack connection.

What's changing with Guru's App for Slack?

Slack recently released an update to their integrations to allow Guru to have more specific and secure control of permissions in Slack. Our team is actively improving Guru's App for Slack in order to support:

  • Option to create a new Guru Card from an entire Slack thread instead of just a single message

  • More reliable creation of Activity Feeds in private Slack channels, as long as the Guru bot is invited to the channel

  • and many more improvements to come!

In order to see these improvements, a Guru Admin on your team must re-authenticate Guru's App for Slack following the steps below. Only one of your Admins must complete this, individual users will not need to take any action.


If you fail to complete this re-authentication, you and your Guru team will lose out on any future improvements to Guru's App and potentially experience buggy behavior, as our product development team is not making further changes to our old Slack App.

Migrating to the new Slack integration

  1. Select your Avatar on the upper-right hand corner of the Web App and select "Team Settings"

  2. Within "Integrations" on the left-hand panel, select the "Chat Tools" page.

  3. Under the Slack app, select Connect New Slack Team. You'll see a pop-up appear, as shown in the example below. From here, select Allow

    1. NOTE: You are not connecting a new Slack Team, you are simply re-authenticating your existing connection. Please make sure you're reauthorizing Guru's connection to the correct Slack workspace. You can check that the right Slack workspace is selected in the upper-right hand corner.

image (1).png

  1. Once you select Allow, you should see the pop-up page indicate that the Guru integration to Slack is active.

  2. You can close the pop-up screen and navigate back to Slack to see the most updated version of Slack.

Interested in learning more about how to use Guru and Slack? Check out our Help Center Articles about all of Guru's functionalities in Slack.

Still need help? We're here for you! 🤓

If you have any questions about Guru, please contact Guru Support by clicking "Chat with Us!" under 'Team Settings' in Guru or by sending an email to 🧠