August 2018 Release Note

What’s new in Guru...

Published: August 10, 2018


  • Extension Verification Queue

    • We've updated the Verification Task Queue design to be more user-friendly

    • You can now sort your Cards by “Days Untrusted”, “Last Verified”, “Popularity Score”, “Verifier”, and “Reason” to help you prioritize what Cards to verify first.

  • Web App Verification Table

    • You now see Cards in your Verification Queue in a Table format, with the ability to filter by various Card Attributes

    • You can now view how many days the Card has been Untrusted, the reason why a Card is Untrusted, as well as a Card's "Popularity Score" = Sum of a Card's Likes, Copies, and Favorites.


  • Trust Score Over Time is now viewable on the home page

    • The Knowledge Dashboard displays the number of Trusted and Untrusted Cards in your Guru Team

    • You can now view your Trust Score Over Time on the home page. Hover over the graph to view Trust Score on a specific date

  • Excel / CSV Export: You now have the ability to export Analytics Widgets as a formatted .csv file in addition to a .xls file

  • Updated design and styling to the overall Analytics Dashboard

  • Enhancements to performance, stability, and accuracy

    • NOTE: As part of our initiative to enhance the look and feel of our analytics, we also took a deep dive into the underlying numbers behind our charts and tables. In some instances, issues were found and remedied which will cause some historical numbers in the old analytics to not match those remedied numbers in our new analytics.