Editing the Verification Timeline and Verifier

Roles: Authors

It's important to ensure that Cards are being verified by subject-matter experts and in a timely fashion. Thus, Verifiers and Verification timelines for Cards should be updated to reflect any personnel changes on your team, such as promotions or transfers. You can edit the Verification timeline and Verifier on individual or multiple Cards using Card Manager.

How to Change the Verification Timeline and/or Verifier

On the Card:

  1. Open the Card you wish to edit, and click the trust status — this is the symbol in the top left-hand corner of a Card that indicates whether a Card is trusted or untrusted.

  2. To change the Verifier:

    1. Select Verifier is and choose a new team member or Group

    2. TIP: The new subject matter expert or Group of experts should be the users on your team with the best knowledge of the topic

    3. NOTE: The Verifier, whether it is an individual or group of experts, must have Author access to the Collection that the Card is in.

  3. To change the Verification Timeline:

    1. Select Needs verification every and choose a different timeline.

    2. TIP: The timeline should represent the frequency at which the content needs to be updated.

    3. NOTE: If you change the Verifier of a Card, the trust symbol will show that the Card is untrusted until the newly designated Verifier (user or Group) verifies it.

  4. To change the Card's Trust State:

    1. If a Card is Untrusted, you can select "Request Verification". This will send the Verifier an additional notification saying you have requested they verify the Card.

    2. If a Card is Trusted but you question its accuracy or want to flag it, click on the Verification Status icon and select "Unverify this Card". This will send a notification to the Verifier. To give the Verifier additional context about why you've unverified the Card, Comment on the Card and @mention anyone else involved.

    3. NOTE: If you are the Verifier, you can always make changes to the Card and click "Save". This will maintain the Trust State of the Card. The "Last Verified" date will not change.

    4. If you select "Save and Verify", your changes will be saved and the Card will be verified.

In Card Manager:

The Card Manager is especially helpful when adjusting the verification requirements of someone's Cards who's left the team or been reassigned.

  1. Navigate to the web app (app.getguru.com) and select Card Manager from the top navigation bar.

  2. Filter by one or more attributes on the Card to find the Cards you'd like to adjust and select the desired Cards by clicking in the checkboxes located to the left of each Card title.

    1. If you'd like to change the Verifier of these cards, click the Change Verifier icon in the top bar:

    2. If you'd like to change the Verification timeline, click the Change Interval icon:

  3. Select the new Verifier or Verification timeline and click "Save and Verify".

    1. NOTE: The Verifier, whether it is an individual or group of experts, must have Author access to the Collection that the Card is in.