Recovering Card Drafts

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Draft Knowledge before it goes LIVE for your Team ⚡️

Drafts allow you to create, edit and save content privately before you are ready to share it with your team as a published Card in Guru.

Drafts are Coming Soon!


Our team is actively working on a Card Drafts feature, which allows you to save a Card as a Draft before then publishing it live to your team. This has been a highly requested feature, so we're excited to bring this to you soon! We will be sure to update you as soon as this feature is released.

How to (Currently) Recover Card Drafts

  1. Navigate to Card Manager in the Guru web app ( or click into the Cards screen in the extension.

  2. Click the 'Recovered' tab in the Card Manager to view all of the Cards with recovered work. You can also access this via the Cards Screen in the extension by clicking the filters (displayed with a sift icon and 'All Cards') and choose 'Recovered Cards'.

    1. Drafts of both new and pre-existing Cards are found under this tab.

  3. Click on the recovered Card you would like to continue editing. The recovered work will display when editing the Card.

    1. You can also edit the recovered version of a pre-existing Card by searching for the Card in the extension or Web App (, and clicking the pencil icon to edit.

    2. Autosave does not allow concurrent editing of Cards.

    3. Closing the recovered Card before saving your changes will result in permanently losing your draft.

  4. Finish your work and click to save the Card.

Specifications and Additive Information

  • Autosave allows users to recover the draft of their Card if Guru is accidentally exited before the Card is saved. For the moments like when your browser window unexpectedly closing, Autosave has your back!

  • Autosave does not support collaborative drafting or concurrent editing of Cards. If you and a co-worker are simultaneously editing a Card, each of you will be able to access your version as a recovered Card. However, only one of these autosaved versions can be saved.

  • If you lose a Card, a notification directing you to the lost work will appear in your @mentions after five minutes.

FAQ: Is there a way to make A private Card until Drafts is released?

Yes, you can use the Card's Privacy and Sharing settings to control who has access to a Card.

  1. Click the ellipsis on the Card for More Options

  2. Select Privacy & Sharing

  3. Choose "Specific Users"

    NOTE: This can be helpful if you are developing content or have content that you don't want other members of your team to see. You and those you've shared the Card with can search on this content, yet you can not add private Cards to a Board.

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