Moving Content between Collections

Roles: Admins

Collections allow you to partition Cards by Groups, so that you can decide access and conveniently share knowledge. This feature simplifies the way that your team finds the Cards they need with priority search and content sharing that reflects how you currently share information.

Collections work with your team's unique set up. To provide an example as to how this might be implemented, think of a typical company. HR information is available company-wide, while departmental knowledge is shared to specific teams. Everyone in Guru needs access to the HR information, but they also need to quickly surface their specific department's content. You can achieve this set-up by having an HR Collection, owned by the HR team and accessible to everyone. Additionally, each department can have its own Collection that's accessible to only department members and managed by its experts. To ensure search remains uncluttered with HR information that may only need to be accessed periodically, you can set up priority search such that Cards from the applicable department Collection appear before those from the HR Collection. If there is content for managers only, they can own a separate, private Collection to which only they have access. With this set-up everyone can search across all of the content they need in one view. The steps on how to move your Content into a new Collection are included below.

How to Move Existing Boards into a Different Collection

  1. Navigate to the Boards view in the web app, (

  2. Select the Board you would like to move to another Collection and click into it. To move a Board, you must have the Author Role in both the original Collection, in which the Board currently resides, as well as the Board's destination Collection.

  3. Click the pencil icon, and select the move Collection icon.

  1. Select the Collection to which you would like to move the Board. You can choose from the Collections in which you are an Author.

  2. Confirm that you would like to move the Board.

  • All Cards on the Board will be moved to the Collection you choose, with the Board's structure remaining intact. Anyone without access to the Collection to which you moved the Board will no longer be able to access the Cards or Board.

How to Move Individual Cards to a Different Collection

Cards can be moved, in bulk and individually, to another Collection via the Card Manager. Any Cards moved via the Card Manager will need to be restructured on Boards in their new Collection. Cards cannot live in multiple Collections - see more here: Can I duplicate a Board or Card into another Collection?

  1. Navigate to the Card Manager by selecting it from the top navigation bar of the web app.

  2. Here, you will see all the Cards your team has created along with certain key attributes about each one. Filter to find the Cards you'd like to act on. Select the Cards you'd like to move by clicking in the checkbox located to the left of each Card title. To select all Cards, check the box next to 'Card Title'.

  • You can only move Cards that you are the Author of and they can only be moved to Collections in which you are an Author.

  1. Click the 'Move Collection' icon.

  1. Select the Collection you would like the Cards moved to and click 'Save'.

Learn how to create a new Collection here.