Setting Up Activity Feeds in Slack

Roles: Admins

Activity feeds in Slack display new Cards and Boards added to Guru in a channel of your choosing. Keeping track of new content in Slack encourages adoption, as it reassures your team that the account is a resource that's constantly evolving to meet their needs.

How to Set Up an Activity Feed

You must be an account admin to set up a Guru activity feed in Slack.

  • Type 'help admin' in your Direct Message with the Guru bot in Slack (@guru). This will show you all the admin Slack bot functionality. The first option describes the process of setting up and removing Slack feeds. The additional steps are below.
  • Type "list feeds" and press enter to list all feeds that are set up in your account.
  • Type "create general feed #channel" and press enter to set up a feed that sends all new Cards and Boards to the specified channel.
    • If you have access to multiple Collections, Guru bot will prompt you with a button for each Collection.
  • Type "create board feed #channel" to set up a feed that sends notifications when a card is added to the specified board. The URL is the URL of the Board that you would like to push updates to the feed.
  • Type "remove feed xxxx" where 'xxxx' is the feed ID to remove a feed.

If your team is utilizing Collections, you will have the option to create activity feeds on a Collection by Collection basis.