Setting Up Activity Feeds in Slack

Roles: Admins


Activity feeds in Slack display new Cards and Boards added to Guru in a channel of your choosing. Keeping track of new content in Slack encourages adoption, as it reassures your team that the account is a resource that's constantly evolving to meet their needs.

How to Set Up an Activity Feed in Slack

Type help admin in your direct message with the Guru App in Slack (@guru). This will show you all the Admin Slack bot functionality. The second and third options describe the process of setting up and removing Slack feeds (see below):


  • Click the "List Feeds" box or type list feeds and press enter to list all feeds that are set up in your account

  • Type create general feed #channel and press enter to set up a feed that sends all new Cards and Boards to the specified channel.

    • NOTE: Replace "#channel" with the name of your desired channel where you'd like to set up this Guru Activity Feed

      • If you have access to multiple Collections, the Guru App in Slack will prompt you with a button for each Collection.

  • Type create board feed #channel to set up a feed that sends notifications when a card is added to the specified board.

    • TIP: The URL is the URL of the Board that you would like to push updates to the feed.

  • To remove a feed, select list feed and then click "Remove" next to the Activity Feed you'd like to remove

If your team is utilizing Collections, you will have the option to create activity feeds on a Collection by Collection basis.