Verifying Cards

Roles: Authors

Your business is dynamic, and so is your internal knowledge. With Guru's verification engine, you and your team can be confident that information is accurate, up to date, and approved for use! You will be notified when your Cards are getting stale, so you don't have to remember when to update the content. You can easily verify the content in the Guru web app or extension.

How to Verify a Card

In the Extension:

  1. Open the Guru extension.

  2. Click the @ icon, your Notifications queue. This contains all of your uncompleted tasks in Guru.

  3. Under 'Verification', you will see all the Cards you need to verify.

    • Click 'Show Info' to see the reason the Card needs to be verified.
  4. If nothing needs to be updated, click 'Verify'.

  5. If the Card requires modification, click view and then the pencil icon to edit. Once you've made your changes and pressed 'Save', the Card's trust status will indicate that it's been verified.

    • As a reminder, verification of your content contributes to your team's Trust Score and signals the extent to which your team is engaging with accurate information. We recommend a Trust Score of at least 80%.

In the Card Manager:

  1. To verify multiple cards at once, we recommend using Card Manager. Navigate to the web app ( and select 'Card Manager' from the left navigation bar.
  2. Filter to see unverified Cards by clicking on the sift icon in the upper right and selecting 'Unverified'. You can look at the Cards that you or your Group is specfically responsible for by selecting 'Verifier' in the 'Filter by Attribute' section and choosing yourself or your Group.
  • To view a Card, click on the title. If you make changes and press 'Save', the Card will be updated and verified.
  1. Select the Card(s) you want to verify by clicking in the checkbox to the left of the Card title. Then, click the verification icon:
  2. Click 'Yes, Verify' to confirm that you would like to verify the selected Cards. You can only verify Cards that you are the verifier of. If you select Cards that you do not verify Guru will verify all of your Cards and the rest will indicate an error and still show up as unverified.
    • Your team is now armed with up-to-date knowledge! Learn how to verify Cards in Slack here.