Benefits of Using Q&A

Roles: Read Only, Authors, Admins

When your team can't find the information they need in Guru, Q&A allows them to ask questions of experts without leaving their workflow. The answer is automatically turned into a Card so it can be referenced by the whole team and kept up to date. Guru even learns from your questions and surfaces Cards accordingly.

If you don't find information you need in Guru, you can ask an expert or Group of experts via Guru Q&A. The expert(s) is notified and their answer is turned into a Card that you and your team can reference going ahead, making it easy to organically build out your team's knowledge base. When asking a question, Guru alerts you of similar content in order to avoid duplicate questions.

Guru utilizes Q&A to learn from your team and improve search. When questions are answered with an existing Card, Guru remembers the terms of the question and automatically associates them with the Card, regardless of whether or not the words of the question are included on that Card. This means that Guru naturally begins to reflect how your team searches without any additional effort by the subject matter experts.

Guru Q&A allows your knowledge base to grow with the needs of your team.