January 2017 Release Note

What has been released...


We are extremely excited to release Guru's newest feature, Collections. For those who have been using Guru, here are the changes you should expect related to this release.

Roles & Groups

Prior to the release of Collections, Groups granted roles and permissions for all of the content on your team. With this release, Group access to content and permissions is now managed in each individual Collection. So while users in Guru still live in Groups, the role of a Group can vary Collection by Collection. For more details on these changes, see Adding Users to Groups and Controlling Access to a Collection.

Board Groups

Combining Boards, which used to be referred to as a Collection, is now referred to as a Board Group. The difference is solely a change in naming convention to avoid confusion with our latest release, and will not affect the workflow of combining multiple Boards under a larger topic. For more on Board Groups, see Boards, Sections, and Board Groups: Definitions

Please reach out with any questions you have by clicking 'Contact Us' in the settings menu (your avatar) of the Guru Extension!

Released: 1/2017