Uploading and Attaching Files to Cards

Roles: Authors

Uploading external content onto Guru Cards allows your team to quickly find and share files like slide decks, case studies, one pagers, and other formatted pieces that are often shared outside of Guru. Doing so also guarantees your team will use the correct version and ensures that all of your assets go through Guru's verification process.

How to Upload and Attach Files to CardS

  1. If you have the file locally, you can simply drag and drop it onto the Guru Card to upload it into the Card. The maximum file size is 250 MB.

  2. Alternatively, if you’d like to browse your files before uploading your asset, select the appropriate file icon next to Insert from the editor toolbar at the top of the Card.

    1. When uploading from a source such as Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. the file is no longer hosted by that source, it’s instead hosted by Guru. If you’d like it to be hosted by the original source, simply include the link from your preferred hosting source. If you’re unsure whether you should include a file in a Guru Card, you can read our best practices here.

    2. You can also use the Slash Command to quickly upload and attach files. Read more about the slash command here!

    3. We support all files; the most popular are images, PDFs, videos, spreadsheets, and docs.

  3. Use the remaining space on the Card to provide your team with context on the file, as well as instructions on when and how it should be used.

  4. Save the Card and determine the ‘File Access’.

    1. Checking the File Access box allows your team to share the uploaded files with people outside of your Guru team. This can be useful for sharing company assets for prospects and clients.

      1. If File Access is checked, your customers won't be able to access the Card’s content without an authenticated team login, but they will be able to access any files uploaded to the Card (i.e. powerpoint, pdf).

      2. TIP: A globe icon will appear on the Card in the upper right-hand corner, to indicate that File Access is turned on.