Guru for Gmail

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Guru for Gmail can help your team access & capture its collective intelligence without ever leaving your inbox. Guru AI Suggest can recommend relevant knowledge for email conversations, while Guru's Gmail Add-on can enable your team to turn knowledge shared over email into Guru cards.

AI Suggest for Gmail - With AI Suggest in Gmail, Guru will dynamically suggest the relevant content for your team right within their Gmail conversations. Learn more about how AI Suggest works here. You can enable AI Suggest for Gmail following these instructions.

Guru for Gmail Add-On - Your team lives in their inbox, exchanging countless questions, answers and updates multiple times a day, every day. Guru’s Gmail add-on is the streamlined way to capture and structure this valuable knowledge and create Guru Cards your entire team can use, all without leaving Gmail.

This feature is currently in beta-access only and the functionality of the add-on is still evolving. If you’d like to test this integration please follow the below instructions:

  1. Submit this form and we will add your team to the invitation-only list

  2. We’ll notify you when you can download the Add-on from the G Suite Marketplace

  3. Download the Add-On once notified of being whitelisted

  4. Begin capturing your team’s collective knowledge!

Want to learn more? Start a free trial or contact us at You can also chat with our support team by selecting Contact Us from the right sidebar of your main Dashboard, or selecting Chat with us! under your avatar in the Web App or Extension.

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