Card & Extension Tabbing

Roles: Read Only, Authors, Admins, Collection Owner

Card tabbing and extension minimization allow you to easily toggle between multiple Cards when using our extension. This saves you space on your desktop and keeps your Cards organized.

How to use Card Tabbing

  1. From the extension, click on multiple Cards. It will now appear in a tabbed view. To select a Card, click on the tab for it.


  2. You can close cards one at a time by clicking the X in the tabimage.png

  3. To close all tabs at once, click the X in the furthest right cornerimage.png

How to on/off Card tabbing

As you select Cards to view, you can either have them tab (similar to having tabs on your browser) or you can choose to have the Cards broken out individually. To toggle between these two options, use the steps below.

  1. Click on your avatar in the extension select "Preferences"

    1. image.png

  2. Select individual Cards or Tabbed at the bottom

How to Use Extension Tabbing:

  1. Open the extension and select multiple Cards, and it creates multiple tabs!

  2. Toggle through multiple tabs and edit a Card directly when it is open in a tab.

  3. Click on the expand arrow in the upper right hand corner, and the Card will expand to full screen while maintaining the tabs.

  4. Exit out of the extension by clicking on the "X" above your avatar and the entire extension and tabs will close. When you open the extension again, your Cards and their tabs will still be present.

  5. If you want to only see your Cards, you can minimize the extension by clicking on the white arrow tab:

Screen Shot 2019-09-27 at 11.16.28 AM.png

  1. If you want the extension on a different spot on the screen, drag the arrow up and down the page and the extension will move with it.

  2. You can adjust the size of the Cards by dragging any corner of the Card that is open from the extension.

AI Suggest/Knowledge Triggers:

  1. Navigate to a page that has AI Suggest enabled or a Knowledge Trigger set up.

  2. When AI Suggest or a Knowledge Trigger is enabled, the arrow next to the extension will turn yellow and include a lightning bolt when it is minimized:

Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 10.19.00 AM.png

  1. Open the minimized extension to see the Knowledge Trigger/AI Suggested Cards.