Creating Cards in Slack

Roles: Author

Generating useful knowledge in conversations on a Slack channel? Capture that content by creating Guru Cards in Slack.

How To Create Cards in Slack

  • For the bot to create a Card in Slack, it needs to be a member of the channel. To do this, you can type /invite @guru in the appropriate channels
  • All Cards created via the Guru bot have the creator (the person prompting the Guru Bot) as the verifier.
  • The timeline for verification is set for one month. This timeline (and the verifier) can be changed when editing a Card in the extension or web app ( A more detailed guide to editing the verifier and verification timeline can be found here.

Method 1

  1. To turn a Slack post or message into a Card, you can add the heavy plus sign emoji as a reaction on the applicable message.
  • Use this method when you want to capture content previously posted in the Slack Channel.

Method 2

  1. If you type 'create card'in your DM with Guru or in a channel with Guru @mentioned, Guru bot takes you through the flow for creating a new Card in Slack.
  • Use this method when you want to create new content in Slack that builds on previous posts.