Filtering your Search

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Want to optimize your search experience across your team's collective knowledge? Dig into Guru's search filters to narrow down your search & get the information you need faster.

How to filter content:

  1. Navigate to the search bar in either the Web App or Extension.

  2. Click on the filter icon on the right-hand side of the search bar. You can also use the !and # shortcut to automatically open the filter menu.


  3. You can choose to filter by Collection, Tags, or both. If you select to filter by Collection, you will only surface Cards from that Collection. For example, if you select Account Management and then perform a search, you would only surface Cards from the Account Management Collection. Or, if you search with a Tag case study you would only surface Cards that have that case study Tag.


  4. Once you've selected a filter, it will show up in the search bar. You can type keywords to further narrow down your results.


  5. USE MORE THAN ONE FILTER: You can filter with multiple Collections & Tags at once. To do so, either use the shortcuts (! for Collections and # for Tags) or select the filter icon. Choose the Tags and Collections you would like to filter with. This will exclude all other Collections and Tags.


Filtering by Favorites Only

Favoriting Cards is an easy way to keep track of the Cards you use most often or Cards that are important to you. To favorite a Card simply click the heart icon on the Card
To learn more about how to favorite Cards & view them see: Favoriting a Card or Board

When searching, you can also filter by Favorited Cards.

  1. Perform a search (either with filters or without filters). Once you get results, select the "Display My Favorites Only" checkbox. Now out of the search results, you will only see those Cards that you have previously favorited.


For more information on how Guru's search is weighted, see: Guru's Search: Definition