Quick Start Guide for Authors

Because of your subject matter expertise, you are classified as an Author, and are responsible for sharing your knowledge with users on your team! The following list of features, links to descriptions, and/or "how to" guides provides the key capabilities that will enable you to organize and structure your team's high-value content— all in order to reduce the time and effort you spend responding to the same questions over and over again!

  • Guru Web App | The Guru Web App is your one-stop site to create, view and manage your team's collective content, as well as assess the use of the content & each user's activity within your account.

  • Extension | The browser extension allows you and your team to access Guru as an overlay of your work. This allows you to easily create content based on what you're working on or by referencing resources, all without leaving your workflow.

  • Mobile | Guru's mobile experience is currently delivered via our responsive web app, which enables a user to access their content via any mobile device or web browser, as well as using the Guru Slack integration via Slack's Mobile App

  • Cards | Your content lives in Guru Cards. They're designed to make it quick and easy for you to maintain and update knowledge, as well as for your team to find the answers they need in real time.

  • Collections, Boards & Sections | Organization helps you track and manage your Cards, and it makes it easy for your team to browse information. Utilize Collections, Boards, and Sections to create a clear system for your team.

  • Tags | Just as Boards can organize your Cards, Tags can organize your search. With Tags, your team can search for knowledge in a swift, intuitive way.

  • Verification | Get reminders when your content needs to be updated and indicate to your team what content they can trust. Now you can ensure they're using up to date content with customers and prospects.

  • Q&A | Organically grow your knowledge base. Q&A allows your team to ask questions of you and other experts without leaving their workflow, and the answer you provide is automatically turned into a Card so it can be referenced by the whole team and kept up to date.

  • Card Manager | Easily organize and manage your content with bulk actions and filtering in the Card Manager.

  • Guru Knowledge Triggers Automatically surfaces Cards for your team where they're working, so you can ensure they're leveraging the right materials and following designated processes.

  • Analytics | Assess your entire team's usage and gain insights on specific users as well as the content they're leveraging via Guru Analytics.