Can I duplicate a Board or Card into another Collection?

Roles: Author, Admin

Unfortunately we don't allow for one Card or a Board to live in two Collections at once. If there are Cards with the same information that could belong in multiple Collections, we recommend making a Collection where these Cards can live so that anyone who needs that information can get to it across teams (i.e. "Sales Collection", "Support Collection", and a "Sales + Support Collection".) This knowledge will show up in search for any user that has access to the appropriate Collection. 

If you have a full Board that you'd like to duplicate into another Collection, it might make sense to make that Board a Collection and consolidate all that knowledge in one place, and make it accessible to all users who need it. Another option is our Board Sharing feature, which allows you to share Boards with teammates who don't have read access to the rest of the Collection. Check out this article on Board Sharing for more information: Board Permissions

Wish Guru had this feature?
If you'd like to see it implemented in the future, please reach out to us at with more information about your use case. We will use your feedback to better guide our product development!