May 2019 - the NEW Essential edition

Edition: Essential

What's new with Guru's Essential edition?

NEW and IMPROVED Features

  • Knowledge Alerts: Notify your team of critical new or existing knowledge they need to read, and certify that they've actually done so -- all within the Guru workflow

  • AI Suggest Expert: Leverage Guru’s AI to guide your team to the correct subject matter experts for questions and verification. Users choose recommended experts up to 70% of the time with AI Suggest Expert!

  • Guru iOS Mobile App - Search your Guru knowledge base on the go. Check out our 1st clean and fast MVP of Guru’s mobile app. Read more here: Using Guru's iOS Mobile App

  • Knowledge Sync: Unify your team’s knowledge in Guru from your existing knowledge sources such as Zendesk, Confluence, Google Drive, Kustomer, Box, and more.

  • Analytics: Gain insights into how your knowledge is being used, its impact on your team’s performance, and where your team has gaps in information

  • Knowledge Triggers: Suggest relevant Guru knowledge to your team based on specified content or fields on the webpage they are viewing. No more searching

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