Creating Boards and Board Groups

Roles: Authors

Boards allow you to visually organize your content by topic, so that you can see and track the information you've created in one area and your team can read through the Cards in a narrative format. Board Groups are just that - grouped Boards that offer another optional level of hierarchy by topic. For example, you might have a Board Group called 'Marketing Assets' that contains Boards entitled 'Decks', 'One pagers', and 'Data Sheets'.

How to Create a Board or Board Group

From the Web App

  1. Select Knowledge from the top navigation bar in the web app, then select the Collection in which you'd like to create your Board.

  2. Click Add a Board or Board Group to get started, then select Board or Board Group under 'Add New'.


  1. Enter the Board/Board Group's name and a description. Both the title and description should communicate to your team the content they can find within.

  2. Click Save.

  3. Your Board/Board Group will now appear in the left column of the Collection Highlights page. Drag it up or down to reposition it within the list.

  4. You can now add Cards to the Board.

  5. If you have a Board Group, click the ellipsis to fill it with Boards and edit further.

TIP: You can also create new Boards and Board Groups in line by clicking the ellipsis next to an existing one and selecting what and where you want to create:

From Slack

  1. In your DM with Guru, type create board

    1. OR type help and click on the three ellipses (ā€œ...ā€) displayed to the right of Content Creation, which provides the option for ā€œCreate Board.ā€
       creating ish in slack.png

    2. OR create a Card in a Slack channel by @mentioning Guru (i.e. @guru create board).

  2. Guru will redirect you to select the Collection in which you'd like to create your Board and what you'd like your Board to be named.