Setting up Board Permissions

Role: Collection Owner

Board Permissions is a great way to share a Board with another Group in Guru without needing to give them access to the entire Collection where that Board lives. You can watch this video here to learn more about how to set up Board Permissions:

NOTE: You must have Collection Owner permissions on the Collection in which the Board lives. To understand permissions, see this article.

How to set up Board Permissions

  1. Open the Collection you want to share the content from. For example, if you want to share a “Sales & CSMs Operations” Board that lives in the Sales Collection, click into that Collection and Board.

  2. On the Board, click on the three ellipses near the Board Title and select “Board Permissions” image.png

  3. When you select Board Permissions, you will see the Groups that have access to the Board because they’re members of the Collection. You will also see Groups that have been given access to this specific Board through Board Sharing.


  4. To give additional Groups access to this Board, select “Add a Group.” You will be able to choose from any Groups in Guru.

    1. TIP: To create new Groups or see who is in each Group, go to the Users & Collections page under Team Settings.
      NOTE: You must be an Author or Admin to see the Users & Collections page.


  5. Once you have added a Group or set of Groups to this Board, it will appear in the “Other Groups Added to this Board” section of the screen.

  6. The new Group(s) that you just gave access to will be able to view the Board in the Knowledge Tab under the heading “Knowledge Shared with You.”

  7. When a user clicks into the Collection with the Board they have been given access to, they will now see ONLY that Board. If you give them access to multiple Boards within the same Collection, those Boards will appear as well.