Zendesk Integration: Knowledge Sync, AI Suggest, Knowledge Triggers

Roles: Read Only, Author, Admin

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Guru's extensive Zendesk integration enables users to sync & unify their Zendesk Guide articles with Guru. Additionally Guru's AI Suggest capabilities can proactively surface relevant knowledge to agents so they can respond faster and with more confidence

Guru-powered integration options to empower your Agents:

  1. Zendesk Sync - Synchronize your Zendesk Guide Articles into Guru on an ongoing basis. Updates you make to your KB Articles in Zendesk will automatically update in Guru. Interested in setting up Zendesk Sync? Check out this Help Center article for our step-by-step instructions. Learn more about the Knowledge Sync feature.

  2. AI Suggest for Zendesk Support and Chat (+ coming soon - Zendesk Talk!) - Guru will dynamically suggest helpful content to your Support Agents, as they're responding to inbound requests. For a more detailed description of AI Suggest and instructions please see: Learn more about AI Suggest & setup AI Suggest

  3. Knowledge Triggers - Guru can be configured to suggest specific knowledge to your team based on content or fields within Zendesk. For managers, Knowledge Triggers allow you to easily coach your team with information pertinent to their job. No more searching. Guru surfaces knowledge when and where your team needs it.. Access the following Help Center Article to set up Knowledge Triggers within Zendesk.


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