Signing In to the Guru Web App

Roles: Read Only, Author, Admin

Setting up your account to join your team? Find out how to sign into Guru to access your team's collective knowledge.

How to Sign In to Guru

  1. Go to Guru's extension or web app (

    1. If you are signing in to join a colleague's team, you should see the option to join their team after signing in or have received an email inviting you to join their team in Guru. If you received an invite, follow the link in the email to the Guru sign-in page.

  2. Choose your method for signing in. Your options are Sign In with Google and Sign In.

    1. By selecting Sign In with Google you can use a Gmail account. Choose which Gmail account you would like to use for Guru after selecting Sign In with Google.

    2. By selecting Sign In you can use any working email account.

    3. If you are signing in for the first time, a verification code will be sent directly to your email. If you don't receive the verification code, contact us by clicking Chat with us! in your Settings menu (your avatar).