How to join a Guru team

Roles: Read Only, Author, Collection Owner, Admin

Join a new Guru team ⚡️

Find out how to join a new Guru team and sign into Guru to access your team's collective knowledge.

How to join a Guru team:


If your team uses SSO, you must log into Guru via your SSO provider directly. You cannot sign in through the Guru UI.

  1. An Admin must invite you to join a Guru team. There are two ways to join a Guru team you have been invited to:

    1. Click on the link in your email invitation from Guru

    2. Navigate directly to

  2. Click on the blue Create an Account button.

  3. Create a new account with the same email that your Admin used to invite you to Guru. Choose your method to sign into your Guru account:

    1. Select the blue Sign Up with Google button and authenticate your account via Gmail

    2. Type in your email address and create a native password for Guru

  4. Check your email to verify your account via a verification link.

  5. Log into your Guru account. You will see a list of teams that you have been invited to. If you do not see the correct team, contact your Admin and ask them to invite you to their Guru team by following these instructions.

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If you have any questions about Guru, please contact Guru Support by clicking "Chat with Us!" under 'Team Settings' in Guru or by sending an email to 🧠