Inviting Users: Best Practices

Roles: Admins

The power of Guru is in your content and how well your team can leverage it to increase efficiency and success. The following guide takes you through the best practices for inviting your team to Guru.

Start with your Authors

Your users will see the value in Guru once content is added. With that in mind, it's important to invite just your subject matter experts before sharing Guru with the whole team. They can work with you to create meaningful content so that when the rest of the team joins Guru, they understand the value it will provide.

  • TIP: When positioning Guru to your subject matter experts, it's helpful to explain the time they will save from reduced shoulder tapping and efficient methods of updating content. Detailing the benefits will help them understand why they're being asked to populate information, as well as motivate them to invest their time in the product.

Add your team when meaningful content is ready

After the first round of meaningful content is populated, you can roll out to the team. When inviting the team, it's important that you describe why you're utilizing Guru and the benefits they should expect to experience. We've detailed some of the benefits here:

  • You can immediately search and access your content as an overlay to your existing apps/workflow, instead of having to leave your current web page to hunt for the information you need. This is the advantage of a browser extension.

  • If you don't find the information you're looking for, Guru provides a platform to ask questions and capture the response for ongoing access and use (Q&A).

  • Subject matter experts can reduce the number of shoulder taps received, thus improving their productivity and lessening the frustration of answering the same question on multiple occasions.

  • Guru's verification engine guarantees the ongoing accuracy of your content, allowing reps to respond to your prospects & customers with confidence.

Don't forget to:

  • Remind your team to install the browser extension and show them the process of searching in it, as this is how they will primarily access content in Guru.

  • If you did not initially populate all of the content in Guru, describing the current content in the account and the plan for adding in the remaining content will help them develop trust in Guru.

  • Encourage your team to ask questions via Guru Q&A if information is missing - this assures them that they can contribute to the knowledge base and that it's continually adjusting to meet their needs.

  • Utilize Groups to organize your users and continue adding new experts and team members.