Guru's Search: Definition

Roles: Read Only, Authors, Admin

Want to optimize the access to your team's collective knowledge? Dig into Guru's Search & how results are sorted.

Matching Scores are weighted as follows:

  • Tag matches

  • Card title matches

  • Content matches

For search results that have the same relevancy score:

  1. Look at Cards with Trusted Status, sort Most Popular to Least Popular

  2. Look at Cards with Untrusted Status, Most Popular to Least Popular

Most Popular = Views + Copies + Favorites


  • In the Extension default view, you will be able to see "Recently Viewed" Cards

  • There is no way for users to exactly determine the order in which Cards appear.

  • If content is bite-sized, it helps both the search results as well as the user's experience.

  • Search results are always sorted by most relevant to least relevant.